About Me

My name is Blaine Fromholzer. I am an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and a first-year undergraduate student at Old Dominion University majoring in Cybersecurity. During my years in school, I plan to learn about multiple areas in the Cybersecurity and technology field through my classes and internship experiences.

I have always been fascinated and passionate about technology growing up through things like gaming, robotics, and hacking. And the Cybersecurity field brings everything involving technology and makes it whole. Without it, the internet would not be safe, personal information would become public, and online businesses would be terminated instantly. 

Throughout my career in Cybersecurity, I plan to explore multiple fields. My interests include Cyber Security Analyst, Cybersecurity engineering, Penetration Tester, Cloud Security Specialist, Malware Analyst, Cybersecurity Project Manager, and Security Software Developer.

Who am I?
My goals